“I have been using Melanie’s Professional Cleaning Service for several months. I have a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house with lots of flooring. I also, have 2 dogs that get the floors dirty. Melanie and her team come in and get right to work and when they are done the house is very clean. Everything is cleaned from ceiling to the floor. She even cleans behind the stove knobs and the spice rack. They are professional, friendly, personable, detailed oriented, on time, affordable and are trustworthy. They do a fantastic job. I definitely recommend them.”  – Melanie I. in Winter Springs – February 2014

“Melanie and her staff were a godsend to me and my family.  Due to an exacerbation of a chronic health issue, I was not able to keep up with the housework.  My mother came across a flyer for Melanie’s Professional Cleaning Service. Melanie and her team not only provided professional, competent cleaning services, but her and her staff were very friendly and personable. Her rates were highly affordable and worth the quality of work.  Her services are very meticulous right down to the fold in the toilet paper!  I would recommend her services to anyone in need of some assistance with the household chores.”  – Danielle H. in Maitland

“I am a very busy person with limited time. When I contacted Melanie’s Cleaning Service my home was in poor order. My bathrooms had grime that was months old. My kitchen stove was caked with burnt on mess. Even the living room was in bad shape due to a lack of dusting and vacuuming. All that changed in no time once Melanie’s Cleaning Service showed up. They were fast, efficient and trustworthy. Not only did they cover the normal stuff (vacuuming, dusting, bathrooms, kitchen), but it was the little things that made the difference. My toilet paper and towels were folded beautifully. I felt like I entered a fine hotel. The kitchen had a clean fresh smell as opposed to a food smell. I was and still am thoroughly impressed with the level of service, results and value offered by Melanie’s Cleaning Service. I’ve already told my friends and family!” – Reginald M. in Longwood

“I want to let you know how thrilled I am that I have found you! In the past I have had services that were either unreliable, inconsistent or required me to do a better cleaning after they left. Your team is friendly, reliable, and trustworthy and they do a fantastic job! I love the way you are always with your team on each visit and how you have ‘fit me in’ when I had emergencies. Your statement that you clean behind the ears…. well…. it’s true!! For the excellent job and all the extras (like cleaning light fixtures) that most companies don’t do, your fee reasonable and absolutely worth it! You have given me the gift that you can not put a price on, and that is more time with my new baby boy. Thanks Melanie & Team!” – Cherise S. in Apopka

“Melanie’s Professional Cleaning Service has been the cleaning team here at the office Beech Outdoor for a number of years and I would recommend them to anybody. They are always on time, incredibly reliable and relentless in their work – literally not leaving until every inch of this place is spotless. Melanie’s enthusiasm and upbeat personality also make her a real pleasure to do business with…. and I’m pretty sure you’ll never meet a more sincere and dedicated person. We’ve been through many other cleaning services that always start out and great and then gradually lower their quality of work. I can personally guarantee that will never happen with Melanie Brooks and her team. They’ll be the last cleaning service you will ever hire.” – Rex Beech in Maitland, President, Beech Outdoor Advertising, Inc

“It is so nice coming home to a clean house after Melanie and her team have been there. My house never looked better. :)” – Kathy D in Apopka

“We have been using Melanie’s Cleaning Service for over four years now with nothing but complete satisfaction. Always Clean, Always on time, Very reliable, and never ever has anything gone missing! “ Thanks. – Pete E. in Longwood

“Melanie does an excellent job at cleaning our 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house.We have three dogs , which makes house cleaning more challenging, yet Melanie and her crew adapt very well. When they are done the house smells and looks very clean. Melanie uses environmentally friendly cleaning methods and is very aware of the importance of saving our environment.” – Linda S. in Apopka

“Since coming to Florida, I have used 2 other cleaning services and then found Melanie and her team. I have no need to search further. Not only are they excellent cleaners, but they are honest and trustworthy.” – Nella B. in Apopka

“We have been serviced by Melanie and her team since August 2009. She truly does clean behind the ears. We have an average sized house but are packed with an active family: 2 adults, 2 children, 2 large dogs and 2 cats- the pet hair and housework really pile up. We love to entertain and are always confident that our house will be guest ready after a visit from Melanie and her crew. We have a rental property in the area and Melanie has cleaned the house in between tenants – she made our dinosaur refrigerator look nearly new again! It is a special treat for our new tenants to have such a clean house to move into and we will always rely on her services for the property. We highly recommend that you start enjoying your life with the help of Melanie and her team. She offers affordable pricing and GREAT VALUE!” – Sara R. in Longwood

“We want to commend and thank you and your staff for the fine housekeeping service you have performed for us over the years. You really do get the cleaning done ‘Behind the Ears’, as your ad says. Best wishes!” – Stan & Naomi in Longwood

“Melanie and her team clean my home every other week. They are prompt, courteous and reliable. They do an AMAZING job. I used her years ago but had to discontinue service when I was laid off. When I was ready to hire her back I could not locate her contact information so I tried some other companies. I went through three other cleaners who either were not reliable or did not do nearly as good of a job as Melanie and her team. Then one day I got lucky and found Melanie’s contact info! I hired her back immediately and could not possibly be happier. If you’ve tried other house cleaners and are not completely satisfied…call Melanie. I was proud to share all this on “Angie’s List” and my overall rating is an ‘A’.” – Angela A. in Longwood